Kaitomm Healthcare

Digital Healthcare Management

Kaitomm Telemedicine and Healthcare Management Application

  • Can manage wards or sections of hospitals
  • Able to set up video conferences and follow-up calls
  • Automated removal of patients from system at completion of treatment
  • Coordinates support by specialists from hospital or local medical institutes
  • Exceptionally stable system with device-restricted policy and remote support
  • Easily track granular health and wellness data over time
  • Monitor key vital signs & wellness information such as health risks
  • Powerful continuous measurement with advanced reporting and analytics
  • Easy and simple report dashboard

Kaitomm Healthcare Robot

  • Deliver knowledge and health advice for better health care to users
  • Can connect to vital sign monitors via bluetooth
  • Vital signs and health report

Kaitomm Care Application

  • Hosts virtual home consultations
  • Arranges telemedicine visits for checkups or consultations
  • User-friendly with simple interface

Digital Healthcare Management Kit