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Featured Product

Security Robot (SR1)

SR1 – Our fully autonomous patrol robot has cutting-edge AI to detect, record, analyze car license plates, blacklists, suspicious objects, and security violations. SR1 can work seamlessly with human security guards in outdoor environments, reducing risks, freeing up security guards to focus on their most crucial tasks, and enhancing safety and security in your environment.
Featured Product

Guidance Robot (Alpaca)

Alpaca – Our guide robot is fitted with 4 full-HD cameras with AI to track, guide, and assist people in reaching their destinations, such as a coffee shop in a mall or facilities in an airport, a train station, or an office building. Alpaca can detect suspicious objects and movements and make video recordings. It can also broadcast advertisements with visual and video content.
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Our Product Line


Detect and deter security violations while providing around the clock surveillance.


Passengers’ special robotic helper tracking, guiding, and assisting those in need of help.


Make food and package deliveries faster and smarter, offering people convenient new services that enhance people’s lives.

Robot Resource Planning

Manage and integrate seamlessly with robotics networks and existing workflows.

Personal Assistant

Voice command device with an integrated virtual assistant that offers intuitive interaction and hands-free activation with the help of wake word “Kaitomm Kaitomm”.


Streamline operational efficiency in today’s hospital and smart healthcare buildings.


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Obodroid has provided service robots and telepresence systems to industries including healthcare and real estate.