SR1s start work at MQDC’s Whizdom Station Ratchada-Thapra residences

Two SR1s started work at MQDC’s Whizdom Station Ratchada-Thapra residences. Obodroid’s security robots are now providing round-the-clock patrols to enhance security and free up human guards for their key tasks.

1 March 2022, Obodroid Corporation Company Limited delivered 2 security robots (SR1) to the Whizdom Station Ratchada-Thapra project, which is a condominium project under Magnolia Quality Development Corporation  Limited. Apparent Corporation Co., Ltd.

Security Robot (SR1) is an automated patrol robot. Comes with state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to detect, record, and analyze license plates, dangerous persons, and suspicious objects Hazardous events to send an alarm to the security team to stop the incident in a timely manner.

“SR1” can work with a team of security personnel. To reduce the risk and relieve the burden that robots can replace. This allows security personnel to perform more important tasks and maximize the safety of people and surroundings. Therefore, it is suitable for use in condominiums, villages, offices, warehouses and other wide areas.


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